One for all and all for the One
Welcome to a new business world

Saint Germain Business Channeling – “Keep it fun”


Greetings from Saint Germain and the Oversoul, the presiding deity of your work.

Things are proceeding nicely, beautifully. Do not overlook the fact that your own interpersonal relationships are just as important as the structure of your website;  for without this base, this foundation of oneness and unity, you would not be able to know what to do with clients successfully, once you have them.

You are an example, you will be an example, so when you look inside yourself and take responsibility for any disharmony that is created, you are empowering the group.  Any criticism of self or others is a negative energy which does not support the joy and the beauty of your coming together.  The creativity is lost in this search for perfection which becomes critical, so keep it in joy and enjoy the process.

With regard to your clientele:

You will be reaching out soon, gift in hand, with this work that you are doing to those groups which can use your services.  You will need to have a spokesperson, at least one in your group, who is willing to talk with individuals personally who will present themselves with questions about your work.  You need to agree ahead of time who that will be, and what is appropriate to discuss and what is still on either the front or the back burner and kept under wraps until it is time to unveil it.

In the meantime, prepare yourselves for a relative onslaught . . . for there will be, even if only two companies or individuals contact you, there will be much to do.

Thetings, so that you keep these meetings with your clients powerful, to the point.  Call forth your clients' participation;  give them assignments, homework to do, with clear points, so that they understand that they are being guided, counselled, their concerns addressed with compassion, inspired for future, and from a staff which has experience.  It is your experience, your maturity, your love, your expertise that will be initiated and felt by those who respond to a spiritual endeavour such as this.

If you find that you have a client who insists on being third dimensional, let them know that there are plenty of third dimensional services available, and do not waste your time trying to convince anyone of anything, but simply offer visions and clouds on which they can float their ideas.  They will have their own experiences within, for they will be guided as you are, by myself and others on the team who will be overseeing this project.  Your client may wake up in the morning and say, "Oh I had a wonderful dream in which I saw this vision, and that vision, this fulfillment, that fulfillment . . . somebody offered me support, or a grant for my work," and so forth;  and then you will be able to say, "Yes, this is the inner support offered through our work".

For what good is it if you are not guided by a higher light?  This is the whole point.  Let your own lives be guided by a higher light, let your meetings be guided by a higher light , let your work be guided by a higher light, let your clients be guided by a higher light . . . this is your Inspirational Business Forum.

Sananda and I would like to commend you for your willingness to shift from ego stances and to be of support to one another.  This is the basis of community, calling upon a Higher Light, shifting from a lower perspective to a higher perspective, having compassion for the humanness within self and others, and willing, in time, to set aside individual focus in favour of group accomplishments; and we would say, "You are well on your way".

And we would also say that there are other groups doing something similar, not exactly the same . . . but you will find them, and then share the wealth, share the services and support.  Do not be jealous of their accomplishments, but rather incorporate their findings, be willing to offer gifts of your own work to them, and so, thereby, create trust . . . "One for all, all for the One Being". . . and the knowledge that there is truly enough abundance, a cornucopia for all.

The future is based upon a moneyless society.  Why?  In the future your basic needs are met;  and it is simply creativity, discovery and the joy of creation, the wonder of expanding worlds that motivates each soul to ascend into a higher and higher degree of magnificence.  This is the future of your world.

Give yourself the time you need every single day to be by yourselves, to take some time to be in nature, to take some time to contemplate your life goals, to take some time to mediate, if you will . . . or to simply be . . . because things are coming in so rapidly in this time of transformation, it is important to have some time for the integration process daily.  Keep your feet on the ground in this way, so that we may use you as pillars of the new world.

Trust that your individual challenges will be resolved!  We have taken you on, you are our responsibility, and you are a Blessing, and so we bless you;  trust that we will care for your individual dealings with great compassion and attention to detail.  You are our assignment, just as this work is your assignment.

Know you are supported, know you are loved, know you are blessed.

So we leave you with this great love, respect and honouring of your souls.

Toni: I have one little question before we finish.  After we are done with editing of the webpage, which will be the best step to take in order to begin the marketing campaign?

We would suggest that first of all, you write out the text of this message, put it in your news column.

Secondly, we would suggest that you should contact two or three of the main groups who are working on New Age projects, ones you have already discovered, perhaps.  Let them know what you are doing, offer them a gift of the first hour for one person, so that they may have a taste of your work . . . and then, under certain websites, such as Golden Age of Gaia, or that kind of thing, you put an advertisement which is not for the purpose of gathering money, but for the purpose of service.  Be very clear in the presentation of this advertisement that it is for the purpose of service, and this frequency will be recognized.  This is the new frequency, business as service to the One Being.

And lastly, move into this deep trust of abundance coming in to you.

There will be many other suggestions but this is the beginning, a foundation.

Thank you.

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