One for all and all for the One
Welcome to a new business world

Individual Business Guidance

Inspirational Business Forum is guided by a conscious collective entity comprised of many Ascended Masters and the higher selves of individuals directly involved in this work.  Like a bridge between Heaven and Earth, our higher selves work with the Masters to bring light, clarity, love, and practical guidance to all aspects of creating business in a New Age of Oneness and cooperation.

This elevated Consciousness blends with any projects needing assistance, in order to create and co-create a New World in Business.

This Consciousness carries the blessing of Saint Germain, and as such, is guaranteed protection and guidance to achieve success in all aspects of manifestation.

Join us in creating a world that works, and WORK WITH US to become a Force of Light, uplifting the consciousness of humanity into the prosperity and joy that is destined for all.

One for all, and all for the One!


Inspirational Business Forum offers clear guidance from the higher dimensional planes of Light for individuals seeking inspiration, advice and solutions for all aspects of their business. Our approach is visionary, for the Masters of Light have the advantage of seeing all perspectives and possibilities involved in any business situation. They understand the objectives and goals of the soul and its purpose, as well as the wider mission of service to all who are touched by your business or organization.

Our channels are experienced professionals and work with business consultants and organizations in alignment with your vision. We will help you create the most expansive and successful opportunities for growth and fulfillment of  your business or organization!

Sessions are arranged after a consultation to determine the appropriate focus for your initial guidance, payment arrangements, and goals for the session. Allow at least 15 minutes for your talk with the Masters.

Price: $250/ session

Duration: 15 min


Individual Business Guidance is offered for those seeking personal assistance in creating and fulfilling a vision for business in a new and cooperative world.

Step into the Light and embrace the infinite possibilities for growth and expansion that your higher self envisions!   Our professional channels have years of experience in guiding individuals into the fulfillment of their dreams.

Have your questions ready, post them with our organizers prior to the session, and open yourself to receive an expanded vision of who you are and where you are going in life. Enjoy the delight of blending with the expanded vision for humanity, and allow yourself to be uplifted into your perfect role of service and joy in the effortless creation of your purpose!


Price: $800/ hour

Duration: From 1 to 2 hours at each session


You are called to participate in exciting webinars which will create an expanded field of awareness, such that all individual goals will be accomplished through the ultimate vision of your purpose and mission in life. You may submit questions which the business Angels will answer through the clear, professional guidance of the channel. St Germain oversees this work and will support the success of your endeavor. These webinars are open to groups and individuals.

Please let us know your intentions and post your questions prior to the webinar.

Price: $200/ person

Duration: 90 min


Business consulting is offered on an individual and group basis,  supporting your higher goals and intentions through a new business perspective. Please be aware that this guidance cannot be found elsewhere, and constitutes a unique and exciting opportunity for advancement in the business community. The guides from the higher dimensions are aware of all perspectives and allow you to participate in the bigger, global picture and the amazing progress the world will now make in this new paradigm. We will work with you to create a business plan and projected goals that will fulfill your needs and support the larger community emerging in a new world. Ongoing support is available both from our business coaches and from the higher realms.

Join our team and have access to the greatest possibilities in a dynamic, powerful community of light!