One for all and all for the One
Welcome to a new business world

Welcome to the Future of Business – Our Business Consulting Services will you get there


Inspirational Business Forum is inspired by a whole new world of truth and clarity, offering guidance on many levels in order to create a world of success through a new paradigm in business.

The following are some of our main guidelines. Our world is expanding, and our purpose shall grow, along with an expanded vision for humanity’s progress!


  • All business conducted shall be in truth and integrity.
  • All business practices shall be based in a field of cooperation in which success is created through principles of win-win, fairness, and abundance for all.
  • Profit shall be generated with a view to end the suffering of humanity.
  • Business shall be conducted and inspired in such a way as to support the growth and expansion of human consciousness; therefore all business dealings shall be guided by the heart as well as the mind, and blessed with joy and abundance.
  • The world of business shall be in service to the Earth, and support Her wellbeing and the happiness of all peoples.
  • Our emerging StarNation welcomes the support of our Galactic Family as we transform our world and join the Federation of Light as One Being.