One for all and all for the One
Welcome to a new business world

Group Business Guidance

Inspirational Business Forum is guided by a conscious collective entity comprised of many Ascended Masters and the higher selves of individuals directly involved in this work. Like a bridge between Heaven and Earth, our higher selves work with the Masters to bring light, clarity, love, and practical guidance to all aspects of creating business in a New Age of oneness and cooperation.

This elevated Consciousness blends with any projects needing assistance, in order to create and co-create a New World in Business.

This Consciousness carries the blessing of Saint Germain, and as such, is guaranteed protection and guidance to achieve success in all aspects of manifestation.

Join us in creating a world that works, and WORK WITH US to become a Force of Light, uplifting the consciousness of humanity into the prosperity and joy that is destined for all.

One for all, and all for the One!


Inspirational Business Forum offers a wonderful alternative to ordinary business seminars.  During our Skype session, participants ask questions and receive guidance from a higher perspective, inclusive of the group mission and the individual’s purpose and place within it.  As such, this work constitutes a bold new step in discovering successful group dynamics and strategies for business growth and expansion.

We encourage you to submit questions before the session, in order to focus the guidance on your highest goals and assist you in achieving the most advanced, progressive options for success!  The session is recorded for your convenience to promote discussion after the session.

Please prepare your goals and strategies so that we may assist you in selecting the highest path for your business or organization.

Price: $500/ person

Duration: 90 min


Business webinars are an exciting new way to reach out across the globe, allowing unlimited participation and promoting group discussion for high finance facilitation. Shared goals and dreams for fulfillment will be addressed from the perspective of the highest light and greatest possibility for humanity. We welcome you to invite participants from your group or organization and to share information about your product or mission.

Submit questions to our moderators before the webinar in order to allow for an organized discussion and question and answer series.

Price: $200/ person

Duration: 90 min