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Business Forum Membership Stage 4

Stage Four – $25,000

#1 Participate in and/or create blog topics for discussions among members.

#2 Ability to directly contact others registered at this membership stage or below.

#3 Access to publications channeled once per month, containing further guidance on conducting business in the fifth dimension.

#4 Participation in Webinar Forum Discussions offered to Stage Three members or higher only. This will be held once per month for 90 minutes. The Forum will address specific topics chosen by the organizers with support from the Master. A perspective on conducting business in the fifth dimension will be given live by the Masters.

#5 A one year program is designed at the start of the membership commitment. The program is designed with help from the Masters to correspond to the business guidance needs of the individual who is committing to this membership stage. The program is tailored to take into account the specific situation of the individual.

The program includes two one hour personal business guidance sessions per month directly from the Masters. Recommendations will be given as to recommended actions to pursue in between sessions. A primary experienced channel will be assigned to the individual for this purpose. This provides continuous guidance during the membership period for the individual seeking such business support.

 In order to register at this stage please click here and fill out this form.


Everyone will register at Stage 1 until the membership is payed and an Administrator will enable the desired access.

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Pay through Wire Transfer

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Pay with a Check

In order to pay with a check please contact us here indicating the name you used for the registration process and the desired level. We will send you the details that are needed in order to proceed. It is important to know before using this method, that we will wait until we receive and cash the check before enableing your desired level.