One for all and all for the One
Welcome to a new business world



Our website offers businesses and organizations infinite opportunities to create and collaborate using a higher dimensional approach to business.  "One for all and all for One" is the theme of our New Humanity's joyful expansion into a divine Prosperity that benefits all.

It is an idea whose time has come, and the Earth rejoices!

We work with groups and organizations serving a new business paradigm, and welcome your support and collaboration in creating this emerging new world in business.

Our work is guided by the Divine Presence and Masters of the Higher Dimensions, especially Saint Germain, and we are supported by energies and specific guidance from The One Being, the collective Oversoul of Humanity.  As we soar into the future destined for a new humanity, we welcome all in this space dedicated to the victory and success of a new reality founded on cooperation rather than competition.

Because we offer both individual and group sessions to those evolving the new paradigm, we are unique in the world of business and can offer an amazing variety of services to support the global business community.  We are open to all approaches in the creation of this new world in business.

We are greatly interested in assisting:

  • Groups disseminating information about the Ascension process and teachings from the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation of Light
  • Groups focused on meditation and healing
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) with objectives in line with ours, focused on elevating standards for business
  • Recruiting firms or organizations with clients whose interests are in line with our objectives, and who are interested in what we have to offer
  • New technology firms focused on aiding humanity
  • Other groups focused on raising the standards for conducting business

This list is not exhaustive, please use your imagination!

We have also been encouraged by the Ascended Masters and Saint Germain to offer our logo to be placed on your site, hyperlinked back to  This is Saint Germain’s approved logo and use of it will constitute a blessing from Saint Germain.  Those who form a collaboration with us are then under the protective umbrella of Saint Germain and will enjoy increased success in business matters.

Our collaboration in this emerging field of Light which is the new business paradigm will support funding efforts and expansion of all aspects of your business vision.

Collaborate with us in creating a world-wide network for success, establishing the wondrous new world of business opportunities to create Heaven on Earth!  Share our logo with your network to bless and support all our work together.

We are of service to the Divine Plan for an emerging new World of Light.  Let us discuss with you practical means of collaboration and create a spiraling vortex of abundance and success to fulfill our mission of Light in this Golden Age.

Welcome to a New World in Business!