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Abundance Logo – Golden Key for Success



With guidance from the higher dimensions we have manifested this symbol, which functions as our official logo. The designer was inspired by Saint Germain, and this logo and symbol is unique. It has the power of enhancing prosperity and abundance, bringing new opportunities for expanding your business. Please follow instructions below to receive the benefits of this golden key for success!

I. Add our logo to your website, linking it back to

II. Print the logo and place it inside your business office to enjoy powerful benefits it will bring.

Everytime you see the logo it reminds you to allow abundance to flow freely through and towards you. Your subconscious amplifies the energies of the symbols in our logo, leading to an increased ability to manifest your goals. "

I. Create a movie in your mind in which you receive the resources that you wish for (people, finances, prospects etc.).

II. Imagine yourself within that movie and begin to feel the satisfaction of having that abundance.

III. Reach a state of KNOWING you have what you have asked for.

IV. Maintain the feeling of trust in your success.

V. Repeat the process of visualization whenever you wish to feel centered and confident.

* * * * * * *

You are free to change the size of our logo to the desired dimensions as long as it is fully visible.


*****This logo CANNOT be used as a logo for your company/website/blog*****